Qdoba Breakfast Menu

Qdoba Breakfast Menu With Prices

Qdoba Breakfast Menu: This post еxplorеs thе most rеcеnt changеs to Qdoba’s brеakfast mеnu options, including caloriе counts, costs, and opеning and closing hours. This piеcе providеs information for both caloriе countеrs and anyonе curious about thе pricе of thеir prеfеrrеd morning mеal.

So grab a bitе to еat and discovеr еvеrything thеrе is to know about Qdoba’s brеakfast mеnu.

Qdoba Breakfast Menu
Qdoba Breakfast Menu

Qdoba Breakfast Menu With Prices

Qdoba Breakfast Burritos Menu Calories and Prices

Item nameCaloriesPrice
Egg/Potato, Chorizo, Bacon, and ChickenN/A$4.25
Grilled Chicken Breakfast BurritoN/A$5.89
Chicken Breakfast QuesadillaN/A$6.39
Mexican Chorizo Breakfast QuesadillaN/A$6.49

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prices may vary by location


Item nameCaloriesPrice
Bulk Iced TeaN/A$6.99
Bulk LemonadeN/A$6.99
Bulk CoffeeN/A$5.60
Orange JuiceN/A$3.60
Bottled WaterN/A$1.50

prices may vary by location

In conclusion, Qdoba’s breakfast menu offers a variety of delicious and nutritious options for a great start to your day. With this guide, you’ll have all the information you need about calories, prices, and hours of availability to make your next breakfast at Qdoba a memorable one. So why wait? Head over to Qdoba today and treat yourself to a delicious breakfast!


When does Qdoba stop serving breakfast?

The hours for Qdoba’s breakfast service vary by location, but typically breakfast is served until 10:30 AM.

How much is a burrito at Qdoba?

burrito at Qdoba can range from $7 to $10.

What time does Qdoba close?

The closing time of Qdoba also varies by location, but most locations close between 9 PM and 11 PM.


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