Lizards Thicket Breakfast Menu

Lizards Thicket Breakfast Menu with Prices & Hours

Lizards Thicket Breakfast Menu: Grееtings to all! Today, our focus shall bе dirеctеd toward thе dеlеctablе and nourishing brеakfast offеrings obtainablе at thе еstееmеd еstablishmеnt known as Lizard Thickеt.

Not only arе thеsе dishеs satisfying and еxquisitе in tastе, but thеy arе also tailorеd to mееt all of your diеtary rеquirеmеnts. Furthеrmorе, thе pricеs listеd on Lizard Thickеt’s brеakfast mеnu rеmain significantly affordablе, еnsuring accеssibility for all.

Morеovеr, for thosе еxtraordinary occasions, thе spеcializеd Lizards Thickеt brеakfast Omеlеttеs mеnu guarantееs abundancе to satisfy a sizablе gathеring of individuals.

Lizards Thicket Breakfast Menu
Lizards Thicket Breakfast Menu

Lizards Thicket Breakfast Menu with Prices & Nutrition Calories

Authentic Southern Specialties

Item NameIngredientsCaloriesPrice
Southern Fried CatfishCatfish fillets, cornmeal, salt, pepper480$10.99
Breakfast SamplerCountry ham, bacon, sausage, eggs680$11.99
Steak and EggsUSDA Choice rib eye steak, eggs780$19.99
Chicken Fried SteakChicken fried steak, country-style gravy730$9.49
Corned Beef HashGrilled corned beef, potatoes, onions520$9.99
Country Ham & EggsNorth Carolina hickory smoked country ham, red-eye gravy540$11.49
Country Liver PuddingPork trimmings, black pepper, sage, rice550$8.99
Homemade Onion SausagePork, onions, spices620$8.99

Hot Off The Griddle

Chicken and Waffles4 chicken strips, large golden crisp waffleN/A$11.99
Belgian WaffleN/AN/A$6.99
Country Skillet ApplesN/AN/A$2.49
Fluffy Homemade PancakesN/AN/A$6.99
Short Stack (2)N/AN/A$4.99
French ToastTexas toast, egg batter, powdered sugarN/A$6.99
Griddle Special2 farm fresh eggs, choice of pancakes or French Toast, meatN/A$11.49

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Hearty Country Breakfast

2 EggsN/AN/A$5.99
Baked Ham (Cure 81®)N/AN/A$9.49
Smoked SausageN/AN/A$9.49
Thick-Sliced BaconN/AN/A$8.99
Chicken SausageN/AN/A$9.49
Fried BolognaN/AN/A$9.49
Fried FlounderN/AN/A$9.49
Hamburger PattyN/AN/A$9.49
Pork Chop (Fried or Grilled)N/AN/A$9.49
Salmon PattyN/AN/A$9.49
Sausage LinksN/AN/A$8.99
Sausage PattiesN/AN/A$8.99


Western Omelette

Western OmeletteHam, bell pepper, onion, American cheeseN/A$10.99

Carolina Omelette

Carolina OmeletteGround beef, onions, American cheeseN/A$10.99

Plain Omelette

Plain OmeletteN/AN/A$6.99
Fresh SpinachN/AN/A$0.99
Fresh MushroomsN/AN/A$0.99
Cheese (American or Cheddar)N/AN/A$0.99
Ground BeefN/AN/A$2.29
Diced Bell PeppersN/AN/A$0.99
Diced OnionsN/AN/A$0.99
Diced TomatoesN/AN/A$0.99


Bacon & Egg BiscuitBacon, eggN/A$3.49
Bacon BiscuitBaconN/A$2.59
Biscuit & JellyN/AN/A$1.59
Chicken BiscuitChickenN/A$2.79
Egg BiscuitEggN/A$2.39
Grilled BiscuitN/AN/A$1.89
Ham BiscuitHamN/A$2.79
Sausage & Egg BiscuitSausage, eggN/A$3.49
Sausage BiscuitSausageN/A$2.79
Country Ham BiscuitCountry hamN/A$3.29
Smoked Sausage BiscuitSmoked sausageN/A$2.79
Steak BiscuitSteakN/A$2.79

Southern Gravy Combinations

Creamed Chipped BeefChipped beef, Texas toast or homemade biscuitsN/A$7.99
Creamed Chipped Beef (Half Order)Chipped beef, Texas toast or homemade biscuitsN/A$5.49
Homemade Biscuits and White GravyHomemade biscuits, white gravyN/A$5.49
Homemade Biscuits and White Gravy (Half Order)Homemade biscuits, white gravyN/A$4.49
Sausage Gravy on Texas ToastSausage gravy, Texas toastN/A$7.99
Sausage Gravy on Texas Toast (Half Order)Sausage gravy, Texas toastN/A$5.49
Sausage Gravy on Homemade BiscuitsSausage gravy, homemade biscuitsN/A$7.99
Sausage Gravy on Homemade Biscuits (Half Order)Sausage gravy, homemade biscuitsN/A$5.49

Breakfast Sandwiches

Bacon & Egg on Texas ToastBacon, eggN/A$5.79
Bologna & Egg SandwichBologna, eggN/A$7.49
Carolina WrapWhite bread, yellow mustard, onion sausage or smoked sausageN/A$2.79
Country Ham SandwichCountry hamN/A$7.49
Egg Sandwich on Texas ToastEggN/A$2.39
Grilled CheeseN/AN/A$3.49
Ham & Egg SandwichHam, eggN/A$7.49
Sausage & Egg SandwichSausage, eggN/A$5.79
BLT on Texas ToastBacon, lettuce, tomatoN/A$6.99

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Oatmeal (with raisins or banana)Raisins or bananaN/A$4.28

Small Plates For All Ages

Add PancakeN/AN/A$2.49
Smoked SausageN/AN/A$5.79
Bacon Strips (2)N/AN/A$5.79
Baked HamN/AN/A$5.99
Chicken SausageN/AN/A$5.79
Onion SausageN/AN/A$5.79
Sausage Links (2)N/AN/A$5.79
Sausage PattyN/AN/A$5.79


Soft Drinks (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange)N/A$2.49
Hot Tea2 tea bags$2.49
Hot ChocolateN/A$2.49
Locally Roasted CoffeeN/A$2.49
Milk – 12 oz Serving (Whole or Chocolate)N/A$2.49
Milk – 20 oz Serving (Whole or Chocolate)N/A$2.99
Southern Sweet TeaN/A$2.49
Unsweetened Decaffeinated TeaN/A$2.49

Side Orders

Sausage Links (4)N/A$3.99
Sausage Patties (2)N/A$3.99
Thick Sliced Bacon (4)N/A$3.99
Raisin ToastN/A$1.79
Slice of American CheeseN/A$0.49
Rye ToastN/A$1.79
Bowl of GritsN/A$2.99
Country HamN/A$5.99
Country Skillet ApplesN/A$2.49
Extra EggN/A$1.09
Liver PuddingN/A$4.99
Shredded CheeseAmerican or Cheddar$0.99
Smoked SausageN/A$4.99
English MuffinN/A$1.79
Grilled Pound CakeN/A$3.99
Hash BrownsN/A$2.49
One PancakeN/A$2.49
Sausage GravyN/A$3.49
Side of GritsN/A$2.49
Sliced TomatoesN/A$2.49
White GravyN/A$1.79


Florida Orange JuiceN/A$2.49
Ruby Red Grapefruit JuiceN/A$2.49
Cranberry Juice CocktailN/A$2.49
Apple JuiceN/A$2.49
Tomato JuiceN/A$2.49
12 oz ServingN/A$2.49
20 oz ServingN/A$3.99


DayBreakfast Opening HoursBreakfast Closing Hours
Monday6.00 am11.30 am
Tuesday6.00 am11.30 am
Wednesday6.00 am11.30 am
Thursday6.00 am11.30 am
Friday6.00 am11.30 am
Saturday6.00 am12.00 pm
Sunday6.00 am12.00 pm

Lizards Thicket Menu PDF

Discover the complete Lizards Thicket menu PDF and explore their delicious offerings with just a click.


We kindly motivate you to take a look at our collection of breakfast sandwiches, that are designed to provide a wonderful and satisfying morning meal. These sandwiches were created with mouthwatering tastes in mind and are sure to fill your hunger.


Does lizards thicket delivery?

Yes, Lizards Thicket does offer delivery service

What time does lizards thicket stop serving breakfast?

the breakfast hours, Lizards Thicket serves breakfast from 6:00 am to 11:00 am on Mondays to Fridays, and from 6 am to noon on Saturdays and Sundays.


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